February 27, 2024

Bạn đã có giftcode mới nhất của game Than Thu Dai Chien Mobile. Nếu bạn đang trải nghiệm game Than Thu Dai Chien Mobile. Hãy nhập ngay code game để cùng đua top với ad nhé

Giftcode game Than Thu Dai Chien Mobile
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Code game vip Than Thu Dai Chien Mobile


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Bước 3: Nhập giftcode Than Thu Dai Chien Mobile
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Than Thu Dai Chien Mobile is a Pokémon-themed strategy game with beautiful 2D graphics and eye-catching skill effects that bring excitement to players.

Participating in the game, players will become Pokémon trainers and experience the process of training beasts according to the original standards.

The product owns quite a lot of typical Pokémon such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Pigeon, Caterpie Rayquaza, Mewtwo, Giratina, Kyogre … built on 24 mutually compatible systems.

In which, each system will have different offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as countering each other.

In particular, each beast in the game, also known as a treasure, will have unique skills and different personalities.

Therefore, it requires the coaches to build their own separate tactics, meticulously calculated to be able to defeat the opponent.

  • Inter-Server Rank Battle, assert your position, compete for super rewards
  • Plow items, catch free Poké to rest. Owning rare Poké has never been so easy
  • Unique authentic Poké skill system, fiery combat, bringing the perfect experience for coaches
  • Original standard Poké system
  • Diverse game function system, play is not boring
  • Distinctive graphics. Very nice effect
  • Hundreds of the newest and original Pokémon
  • Build your strongest Poké Team
  • Contrasting Poké. New generation 6vs6 strategy
  • Diverse features, unlimited play
  • Decided to fight the arena. Become the No. 1 Coach Today!
  • The roadmap is clear, Update Pokémon continuously according to the original version

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