April 12, 2024

Giftcode mới nhất của game [Premium] RPG Alphadia Neo
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Giftcode game [Premium] RPG Alphadia Neo


Code game vip [Premium] RPG Alphadia Neo


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Bước 3: Nhập giftcode [Premium] RPG Alphadia Neo
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In a world where battles over Energi, the life energy have broken out, a young man with no memory meets a princess whose kingdom has been destroyed.
The gears of fate begin to move little by little in this truly classic fantasy story… Cut a way through the path of despair with allies!

Use up to three styles for each character in turn-based battles to get benefits from recovery to fighting styles. Increase Energi levels by raising multiple elementals unique to the Alphadia series and learn new skills. The combo skill called Resonant Skill is also the key to victory.

Alphadia Neo also features an original fishing system where you can fish in various points to get fish exchangeable with powerful items or equipment!

This Premium edition does not have ads during gameplay and includes 150 Orion Stones as bonus!

[IMPORTANT NOTICE]Your use of the application requires your agreement to the following EULA and ‘Privacy Policy and Notice’. If you do not agree, please do not download our application.

End User License Agreement: http://kemco.jp/eula/index.html
Privacy Policy and Notice: http://www.kemco.jp/app_pp/privacy.html

[Supported OS]– 6.0 and up
[Game Controller]– Optimized
[Languages]– English (coming soon), Japanese
[SD Card Storage]– Enabled (Save backup/transfer are not supported.)
[Non-Supported Devices]This app has generally been tested to work on any mobile device released in Japan. We cannot guarantee full support on other devices. If you have the Developer Options enabled in your device, please turn off the “Don’t keep activities” option in case of any issue. On the title screen, a banner showing latest KEMCO games may be displayed but the game doesn’t have any ads from 3rd parties.

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* The actual price might differ depending on the region.


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