July 19, 2024

Giftcode mới nhất của game Future Football Manager
. Mình đã tổng hợp trong bài viết sau đây. Nếu bạn đang trải nghiệm game Future Football Manager
. Hãy nhập ngay code game để cùng đua top với ad nhé

Giftcode game Future Football Manager


Code game vip Future Football Manager


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Based on the Next-Gen game engine, your favorite football stars and the pitch all looks vivid than ever before. Licensed by FIFPro, you can choose the authentic footballers to join your own club and be the next legend in this very year of FIFA World CUP. The unique gesture control, you can interact with all your athletes during the match. To make deceptive movement and break through, or half-volley to get a goal, just via a simple click or swipe. Besides, the club simulation and female assistant interaction mode enrich your off the pitch game experience.

Gesture control
While the game perfectly simulates the authentic football match, the original gesture control mechanism brings the gaming experience to a whole new level. By easily drawing several simple gestures on the display, athletes in the game can be manipulated to make a dribble, pass, and goal. Farwell to the function keys and embrace all new mobile football experience.

Genuine License
The game is fully authorized by FIFPro, and licensed by Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, AC Milan, Juventus, and Wolverhampton. Sign your favorite athletes and form your own Galácticos.

Nex-Gen Engine
FFM is developed based on a self-developed game engine, it assists with new AI algorithms to perform intelligent simulation of every 22 athletes on the pitch during the match. Take the experience to a whole new level.

Story with female assistants
The daily life of manager is simulated in the game. As a manager your top goal is leading your club to win as more champions as possible, at the same time your interaction with different female characters off the pitch will develop different romantic story lines, and your club obtains bonuses from the plot exploration.

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