July 24, 2024

Tổng hợp giftcode game DragonMaster – Metaverse game
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Giftcode game DragonMaster – Metaverse game


Code game vip DragonMaster – Metaverse game


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Game Story

‘It’s working!’ exclaimed a cheerful voice from the sacred altar. A gleaming ‘Dragon Crystal’ drifted into the air and was successfully purified, providing the planet Lemuria endless possibilities.

Game Play

1. Four sizes dragons (S / M / L / XL) compete on a battlefield on 5 tracks, and a team contains 4 different sizes of dragons is the minimum requirements to start a battle.
2. When in battle, if a dragon has a bigger size, it gets heavier weight and less attacking power. The larger weight dragons can push the lighter ones to the end of the track and cause damage to the pushed player’s HP .
3. When one player’s HP hits zero, the winner will be announced.

Game Features
1. 13 species fresh off the boat
2. New Season S1
3. Various team combination
4. Compete on Strategy
5. Skills enhancement
6. Skills restraint

Welcome to DragonMaster, it’s time to summon your dragon team and show the true master’s skills!

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