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Game Introduction Zodiac fantasy 2

About this game

Game description

Game background:
Little sisters seem to have a very important date, but unfortunately the road to dating has not been smooth, now they need your help more than ever to overcome obstacles, Quickly use your flexibility to jump or climb to reach your promise!
The girls will definitely thank you~❤
Gameplay introduction:
Players need to control the character by jumping or climbing, overcoming various obstacles across the terrain or avoiding and overcoming traps, reach the final destination point to win.
Game features:
In the game, you will experience.
– 11 beautiful CGs
– Unique world view
– Various interactive games
– Challenging levels (make sure not to get yourself into trouble)
– One click to skip
Little sister didn’t like toys and puppies so she left sadly (this job won’t come to the aid of grandpa), but things haven’t been well for a few days, a group of attractive and cute schoolgirls have just moved in, Soon the joy is back, they too quickly became good friends.

Character list

Character: Rabbit
Background: Cute and meta, with a bunny character

Character: Cow
Background: Dull and cute, as if always asleep

Character: Sheep
Background: Looks soft and gentle, but I hear he always looks troubled

Character: Snake
Background: A gentle and caring older sister who you can talk to about any problem

Character: Rat
Background: The girl is short and small, but her mouth is unforgiving

About Us

Hello, we are beautiful, miss and throbbing Game, we aim to bring you the purest romance.
Because we want to provide you with a more comfortable gaming experience, we have now launched the Lovely Games official website, so you can get our latest information anytime, anywhere and if you encounter any problems in the game, you can also choose to submit them in the community F&Q discussion or the official steam group~.
Thanks to love.

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