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Game Introduction Sword Fantasy Online Anime RPG

Sit back and enjoy the fantasy world of cute monsters and epic heroes. Rediscover the excitement of mobile gaming in this mix of casual MMO and action RPG! 😜

Join today to claim your free Heroes and Gems from the generous 7-day Beginner’s Login Event. Get an extra hero with the newbie welcome pack code: sfofun20 and get extra gifts from the mail as you level up! 😉
No ads, 100% fun and much loved, let’s experience this unique indie game!
This anime RPG game is in English but easy to understand.
Innovative vertical play design is convenient for one-handed control, play anywhere!

Game Introduction
Combine swordsmanship to knock bosses off the ground, then chain attacks to destroy them in the air! Pick and play at any time, every battle will be an exhilarating fun in this action RPG.
Sword Fantasy Online is an indie anime game that combines cute cartoon characters, fun manga, sexy anime girls with MMO RPG elements like online PVP arena, guild wars , guild boss into an ultimate online anime RPG adventure story!

Facebook Support: https://www.facebook.com/swordfantasyonline/
Community Discord Text Chat: https://discord.gg/qYYCFbz

◎Game Features
⚔️ Action MMORPG with innovative one-handed control ️
This cool acg online anime game combines ARPG with classic MMO. Control the sword knight or wizard, perform flaming sword attacks, spells, dodge, run, run, hack and slash smoothly with one hand. Unleash the impact of swordsmanship or magic combos, play a skill-based fighting game. This pocket action RPG chronicle is a perfect on-the-go idle game!

Epic boss
Master the demon slayer’s sword soul, revive with magical powers in this ARPG. Ignore the fate of blood master mage or great knight swords, chase monsters and heroes, plunge into dozens of dungeon boss battles. Just like in arcade fighting 2D anime games, learn boss actions in epic battles, use tactics to win the battle in this epic fantasy RPG fighting game!
Become the ultimate demon slayer in this epic fantasy JRPG! Fight dozens of epic bosses inspired by the seven deadly sins, such as the ancient black dragon, the titan stone golem, thor, the vampire prince, the dark knight of the void… each in number seven deadly sin bosses have a unique attack pattern. To come back intact, run away then chase with magic and swordsmanship, the online RPG arcade fighting action is fun!

👯 Beautiful Art & Hot Anime Girls
Dedicated to acg anime games, master dozens of anime moe waifu girls in this ARPG focusing on anime fighting girls. Cute, sassy, ​​brave, princess, angel, valkyrie, connect with all chibi waifu girl anime characters from otaku dream. Cross waifu characters include dragon summoning witch princess girl, brave knight knight girl of great order, sword spirit monkey king, demon slaying ninja girl, thor hammer lightning bolt girl, and many more other characters in this indie game!
Train cute chibi helpers to be waifu otaku like a dating sim mini game. Keep it up if you like JRPG chibi cross stories, sword fighting games, 2D ACG anime games or idle AFK games.

💬 MMORPG Online Mini Games & Social Guild
Sword Fantasy Online is a worldwide multiplayer online role-playing game and social MMO crossover. Walk or AFK idle in maple town, chat with emojis, participate in guild events and choose clan badges, clash in PVP RPG Arena, battle fire world bosses ragnarok.
In this cute maple fantasy RPG, play mini 2D animation games like training waifu minions, monster soul fragment hunting, treasure hunt, rune raid, empty land, border crossing world, fight ragnarok and summon gacha! Play active or idle afk, do quests to level up. In this indie anime MMORPG, influence the fate of the world, finding an original relic in the void!

💎 Daily Free Gems & Friendly Free Play
SFO strives to be the best 2D epic fantasy action RPG anime game. Collect gems from the land of maple quests, origin events, comic legends. One suggestion, ask afk to summon free gacha every day. Become a legendary fantasy star in this acg online RPG and shine brightly with starlight!


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